Posted on Feb 04, 2018
We look forward to hosting you at our five-district 2018 Summit at Mount Washington!
As of the end of March, we have over 500 participants!
Keynote talks:
We expect more people will wish to see our two principal keynote speakers (Rotary International President Ian Riseley and inspirational speaker Travis Roy), than can fit in the Grand Ballroom.  There could be capacity issues for other speakers.
We will provide an electronic (video and audio) feed to a second function room, so everyone can hear the talks and take part in the programs.  
The room capacity for Travis Roy’s Saturday sit-down dinner and talk is 400 people, and the room capacity for Ian Riseley’s Friday talk is 540 people.  Tickets for those who have already registered will be coded for the Grand Ballroom, up to those capacity numbers, in the order they were booked. 
Dining and electronic feeds will be available for those who registered later, in the second function room.  
We don't want you disappointed!  We’re sharing this to be fair to all concerned, and we thank you for your understanding.  We are so excited about our early registration success for this event, and we look forward to seeing you May 4 at the Omni Mount Washington Resort!