Fundraising Policy at the Summit
Policy on Summit Fundraising Activities
The 2018 Rotary Mount Washington Summit is an inspirational event: our objective is to create positive impact, through caring service, powered by you!
It is not a fundraiser. 
We have five Rotary districts with differing cultures and languages, and we have over a dozen guest speakers and activities from worthy non-profit causes in Canada and the United States.  We are not advocating for one over another, and we ask all participants not to engage in fundraising activities at the Summit.  Come for the learning, the fellowship, and the celebration.
We will offer a page in our program book on which every speaker and panelist may publish the URL of their non-profit.  Please direct folks to that page, and encourage them to seek more information and (if they wish) to support your organization by going to your website.
Rotarians at House of Friendship tables are welcome to share literature and information, and may collect for their projects incidentally (as examples, Rotary Foundation giving out flyers, a non-profit selling T-shirts for a cause, or having a donation can for your cause or non-profit), provided the main purpose of the table is informational.
There will be no raffles, auctions or any other public fundraising at Summit plenary or breakout sessions.  District Governors have discretion over their individual district breakout sessions.