We have great speakers lined up, to make this the best Rotary event you've ever attended! Keep checking back, as speakers will continue to be added! 
On the big stage, we are excited to present to you four incredibly dynamic speakers. 
For Rotarians, the name Ian Riseley is a name most of us know. He is the 2017-2018 president of Rotary International, and we are blessed to have him come in from Australia to attend this event. To learn more on Ian Riseley, click here.
Prepare to be captured by Travis Roy, a popular motivational speaker who makes frequent appearances throughout the U.S.  He has a unique ability to connect quickly with his audience - no matter what profession or age. To learn more on Travis Roy, click here.
We are pleased to present to you Razia Jan. A New Englander now, but Afghani by birth, Razia will bring tears to your eyes, inspire you and restore your hope in humanity. You will not want to miss Razia speak. To learn more on Razia Jan and her founding of Razia's Ray of Hope, click here.
You will not want to miss Shirley-Pat Chamberlain as she addresses our Summit and shares her "Why Rotary" message. Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Good! Why? Why do good? Why Rotary? We and the more than 1.2 million other Rotarians worldwide are offered many avenues to serve in our communities and the world. To learn more on Shirley-Pat, click here.
In addition, other special guests include James H. Douglas (shown on left), former governor of the State of Vermont. He will be joining with Former Governor Jane M. Swift (shown on right) of Massachusetts to discuss public-private partnerships in areas of interest to Rotary. Learn how we can expand our impact by collaborating with government. To learn more on James Douglas, click here. To learn more on Jane Swift, click here.