Travis Roy was a freshman at Boston University when his life was changed forever.  He could have chosen to feel sorry for himself, not talking to anyone or doing anything - just sitting there, hopeless. However, he chose to persevere and to make a difference.  As he so aptly states, “Sometimes, we choose the challenges and sometimes the challenges choose us.” 
Through his talk, Travis tells his story in his own words. He tells people that a positive attitude and setting goals for yourself can make a difference - and inspires everyone to do it. No matter what happens in your life, you can be an inspiration to others!
The topic of Travis’ presentation revolves around the following theme: There are times in our life when we choose our challenges, and other times when the challenges simply choose us. It is what we do in the face of those challenges that defines who we are, and more importantly, who we can and will become. 
By sharing his story and lifelong dream of becoming a Division I college athlete, Travis conveys firsthand the determination and emotional high of overcoming a self-imposed challenge. He will share the experience of having his dream ripped away, and the reevaluation of his goals to face the challenge that ultimately chose him.
Travis’ presentation will share his thoughts on the following: 
  • Who you are at the core is really what helps you through life’s challenges, chosen or not.
  •  Having a passion will drive you to do great things, when you set the necessary goals.
  • Taking pride in everything you do makes most anything possible.
  • Having a positive attitude will bring you through some of the most difficult days of your life.
Whether you are dealing with today’s financial struggles, a health issue, or a personal problem, Travis will help you realize that regardless of our challenges, we still maintain the ability to laugh, cry, and, most importantly, enjoy the people around us, while achieving our highest goals.