Exploring Disneyland and San Diego

A trip to visit Disneyland is probably in every family’s bucket list and the City of San Diego is the never out of the same frame for the same families. You can’t really drag the kids all the way to LA without thinking of it, can you? Making a trip to both destinations definitely calls for a drool of wonderful times, not to mention the incredible memories that come with it. But before making the trip itself, there are many things to consider first like say, the cost of cheap rental cars in San Diego. In this article, we’ll cover the most prioritized decisions that are put into consideration before making this far-fetched experience.


It goes without saying that Disneyland is an absolute awe as a destined attraction. San Diego, however, has a lot we can talk about. The city has every kind of attraction that kids fancy and going through all of them would perhaps need another article because they’d fill up this one extensively. A few mentions would be the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the infamous LEGOLAND, Belmont Park, Museum of Man, SeaWorld, and many child-friendly beaches and tours just to mention a few. Going into that space would be a very long ride. Just make sure your kids get the most fun from the entire trip. They’ll be really grateful.

Travel Expenses

Part of the journey is the money and the cash to be spent for this happy package can be really daunting for many. The most concerning one would be the traveling expenses at the two attractions as compared to other travel expenses like flight tickets which are typically easy to cover. That said, let’s consider some of the common means of travel between the two attractions. Traveling from San Diego to Anaheim (where Disneyland is) or vice versa can be covered by both road and rail. While opting to take the train takes only 2 hours from both points, traveling by car can be more fun for your family. This means that renting a car should be part of your budgeting and if so you have to consider the best car rentals.

Packing your bags now is easy, isn’t it? With all these primal pieces of information like how you can acquire cheap rental cars in San Diego and of how and where to travel, what’s stopping you?